MonadnockTango Argentine Tango in SW New Hampshire

About Us

Since November 2000, judith has studied the dance, music, and culture of Argentine Tango from renowned professionals in North America and Buenos Aires.  Co-founder of the tango community in Brattleboro, VT, she now teaches her own classes and occasionally organizes a milonga (Argentine Tango social dance) or special event in SW NH, from May through October each year.  She then returns to Buenos Aires to continue her study of tango at its source. 
judith's classes are focused on dancing to the music of Buenos Aires.  Fundamental vocabulary and skills, balance, posture, improvisation, musicality, communication, and connection, are the basis of every class and practice session, so that students develop their own ability to have "tango conversations" with partners from all over the world. 
In March 2013, judith completed intensive Module I training in Tangoterápia Postural, with kinesiologist Sonia Tomazin and Andrés Sliwa, who work together to use Argentine Tango technique exercises to improve the posture, balance and spinal alignment of their clients.  Through this method, they have been able to record measurable improvements to the health and well-being of their clients, and their work has been presented at every International Tango Therapy conference for the past five years.  Since May 2013, judith has been specifically using some of these techniques in her classes with older adults, as well as incorporating them into her work with all her students.
judith is also available for private lessons and special workshops, and is a popular DJ in boston, new haven, the "moonlight in VT" tango festival, and other milongas in the region.  In December 2013 she also DJ'd George Garcia's weekly saturday night milonga in honolulu, HI. 
MonadnockTango also includes local tango family and friends, particularly Fred Paulitz and Shannon Hurley (WhiteMountainTango), Pat Baker, Scott Tilton and Keri Arsenault, Janis Hall, Randy Avis, Vanessa Amsbury, Sharon Oliver, Stephen Voorhees, and Iris Piedmont-Fleischmann. 
judith also offers tourist and concierge services for travellers (tango and other) to Buenos Aires, helping visitors to experience the city and its rich cultural heritage, with her personal attention to planning and manifesting the vacation of their dreams. 
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