MonadnockTangoArgentine Tango in SW New Hampshire



for the foreseeable future 

SPRING 2020 
new  beginner class & practice!! 
WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8:30pm 
starting January 29th, 2020 
at the 

Grand Monadnock Ballroom Studio

132 Monadnock Highway,Swanzey, NH 03446 


registration:  $15 per person

Argentine Tango as a social dance is beautiful to watch, and relatively easy to understand, but it is sometimes difficult to teach or to learn.  Developing a fundamental connection to the music, and to your partner, is the means to gaining mastery over this subtle, but powerful form of non-verbal communication.
In each class session, judith will focus on moving to the heartbeat of Argentine Tango music, as it is danced in the clubs of Buenos Aires.  The lesson itself will be mixed with practice, and there may be additional practice time at the end of each class.
Practice sessions provide an environment in which dancers can continue to integrate and polish their skills, with assistance and feedback, as well as suggestions to help individuals or the group work on specific challenges.  These may include reminders about balance, posture and alignment, techniques of walking, "lead and follow", connection and partnership, fundamental tango vocabulary, improvisation, and navigating on the dance floor.

~ complete beginners are welcome to join the class at any point ~
 no partner necessary ~  all ages welcome!

please wear comfortable clothing and heavy socks or hard-soled secure shoes
~ no rubber soles or sandals

info: 603-876-6833